Exams have come to an end and most of the boards have already released the results. The biggest thing in every student’s mind right now is the next step. Every step of education is very important and it is best practice to prefer a better college, be it for high school, pre-graduation, graduation or post-graduation. Better institutions might not always be near our premises and distance being a matter of delayed communication, many students and their parents prefer to go through the admission process via a consultancy. Especially for applying to colleges beyond the borders of a nation, consultancies are approached. But is this the only way available for admissions between 2 countries? NO!

 Over the past few years, internet has exploded and grown at a great pace. Applying through colleges across country borders has also become easier with this. While some colleges directly take in applications through their websites, there are websites like www.admizz.com that offer students a privilege to apply to as many colleges as possible. Such websites also facilitate search for colleges and provide information regarding the colleges. Inspite of this growth in internet, consultancy application is still preferred by many students and parents. Here is a list of reasons why it is a better step to apply online, rather than through a consultancy

1. Cost factor:

Consultancies charge a high amount of fee other than the application fee, which is definitely an extra burden; atleast for most students. Applying online doesn’t cost extra for students and are totally free.

2. Transparency:

 Although some consultancies maintain transparency in terms of college fees and other details, most consultancies never show the correct fee details. This never happens during online application.

3. Fake consultancies: 

 Due to the blind faith that people put on consultancies, there have been a high increase in number of fake consultancies and number of people getting cheated in the name of consultancy. So it is suggested to apply either directly online via the college website or via authenticated application providers like Admizz.com

4. Consultancy – college partnership: 

 Many consultancies, especially the once for overseas education, have collaborations with a few colleges, which are mostly prompted by the consultancies. Incase of online application, promoted colleges and ads are clearly mentioned so, so that the students are given a choice to choose from all colleges.

5. Reviews:

 While applying online, reviews are also shown which helps the students in understanding the college better. This is not possible in case of Consultancies since only the word of consultancy has to be taken into consideration.

6. Smarter and easier:

 When applications are filled online, every update and response is directed to our inboxes which can be viewed as per our comfort. In case of consultancy applications, timely visits around consultancies become mandatory, consuming time and energy a lot!

 Not just these, while applying online website like Admizz.com, it is easier to directly address our queries towards the colleges. Consultancies seldom help in student-college communication.

So be it engineering or nursing or MBA or any other college, Bangalore provides the best facilities for a better student like and future. Apply directly online with Admizz now!

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